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A (EA)
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Bulbapedia link A (EA)
Equivalent glitch Pokémon 'r ゥ (Yellow)
Generation II equivalent Quagsire
Generation II Pokémon needed for Time Capsule exploit Quagsire
Name bytes 80 4C 00 4D 6D 4D B9 4D 03 4E 50
Index number (hex) EA
Index number (dec) 234
Pokédex number
Pokédex marker byte 0x60
Pokédex flag (seen) Bit 0x1 of item 5's quantity (+2)
Pokédex flag (own) Seen Magneton
Type(s) PokéManiac (0x61)/Glitch (0x27)
Height 23'0
Weight 880.6lb
Palette attribute byte
Catch rate constant 0x61
Experience group 0x1D
Experience at Level 100: 819,325
Experience at Level 255: 6,741,985
Experience yield 0x30
Sprite dimensions (base data) 6x1
Front sprite source pointer 0D:6151
Back sprite source pointer 0D:616B
Front sprite dimensions (actual) 10x6
Back sprite dimensions (actual) 8x7
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c 7 (E9) A (EA) Glitch Pokémon (0xEB)

A (EA) is a dual-type PokéManiac (0x61)/Glitch (0x27)-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Its family number is 234.

'r ゥ is the equivalent trade glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow.

Due to this glitch Pokémon taking its evolution and level-up data from 0x8124 in VRAM, it can usually only learn its level up moves when its levels are raised using Rare Candies.

It cannot be caught with the Trainer escape glitch or another means of instant encounter, as a Brock battle will be initiated instead.

Methods to obtain

Starting moves

  • Glitch Move 0xBE
  • Agility
  • TM28
  • Agility



Pokédex data

  • Arbitrary Pokédex sourced from VRAM 8B80.

Level-up moves

As the level-up moves of this glitch Pokémon vary the list below is an example.

  • TM41 (Level 12)
  • TM52 (Level 14)
  • TM42 (Level 15)
  • Conversion (Level 16)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 64)
  • Glitch Move 0xC0 (Level 96)
  • Peck (Level 192)

TM/HM moves

  • TM02 Razor Wind
  • TM06 Toxic
  • TM07 Horn Drill
  • TM09 Take Down
  • TM15 Hyper Beam
  • TM18 Counter
  • TM22 SolarBeam
  • TM23 Dragon Rage
  • TM25 Thunder
  • TM31 Mimic
  • TM34 Bide
  • TM38 Fire Blast
  • TM39 Swift
  • TM42 Dream Eater
  • TM43 Sky Attack
  • TM44 Rest
  • TM45 Thunder Wave
  • TM46 Psywave
  • TM47 Explosion
  • TM50 Substitute
  • HM04 Strength
  • HM05 Flash

Base stats

Base stats Level 50 stat range Level 100 stat range
HP: 179 239 - 285 468 - 561
Attack: 96 101 - 147 197 - 290
Defense: 209 214 - 260 423 - 516
Special: 21 26 - 72 47 - 140
Speed: 96 101 - 147 197 - 290

Time Capsule exploit moves

  • Time Capsule exploit level-up moves: Water Gun, Tail Whip, Slam, Amnesia, Earthquake, Mist, Haze
  • Time Capsule exploit TM/HM: Headbutt, Toxic, Hyper Beam, Earthquake, Dig, Double Team, Ice Punch, Defense Curl, Rest, Surf, Strength, Flash
  • Time Capsule move tutor: Ice Beam
  • Time Capsule breeding: Body Slam

External links

Youtube video featuring this glitch Pokémon's varying level-up move data.

YouTube video by Crystal_


  • Coincidentally, A (EA) shares the same index number with its family (234).