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A fossil Mew from the English fossil conversion glitch.

The international fossil conversion glitch is an adaption of the fossil conversion glitch for international Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow.

It allows the player to obtain many glitch Pokémon including glitch Pokémon unavailable with the Trainer escape glitch and Time Capsule exploit.


The fossil conversion glitch has you depositing a fossil and then changing what it is afterwards. In the Japanese versions, the trick involves a Pokémon's total experience modulo 256 determining the species. With the English adaption, it's the Pokémon's Attack stat modulo 256 that determines the species.

For this trick you need access to over 6 Pokémon. After you get over 6 Pokémon and deposit a fossil, you need to swap any Pokémon with the 33rd (note, in the Japanese trick it is the 32nd; and the 32nd Pokémon was accessed with the 32nd PC item).

The only known ways possible to get over 6 Pokémon in the English version are the 255 Pokémon glitch, Super Glitch and arbitrary code execution.

Unfortunately one of the things Super Glitch does is corrupt your name, and if a 50 is not present on the eleventh character, saving will destroy the save. But there is a work around, documented by TheZZAZZGlitch.

Method (Red/Blue 255 Pokémon glitch)

It is possible to set up the international Fossil conversion glitch with the 255 Pokémon glitch subglitch of the SRAM glitch.

For more information, see this forums thread.

YouTube video by Krys3000

Method (Red/Blue no expanded party international Select glitching)

This applies for English Red/Blue and details in other localisations may be different. Using Vermilion City width 81 (also causes map size walk through walls) allows access to party Pokémon 235 and below even if the number of available party Pokémon isn't actually over 6.

This can be a 'cleaner' possibly faster version of the expanded party/Super Glitch methods, which doesn't corrupt the player's name, but sometimes the game will reset the currently selected Pokémon to another slot for unknown reasons. After opening the party menu, the player may have to mash up as fast as possible until they reach slot 33 (to be swapped with a Pokémon in slot 1-6) and so counting correctly may be hard. (The player must scroll up and not down, as since they have 1-6 Pokémon the cursor would revert to the normal range without the ability to access the slots beyond slot 6)

As with other methods, the player must deposit a fossil beforehand, and then swap any Pokémon with the 33rd Pokémon to receive a fossil based on the Attack stat of the former mentioned Pokémon.

To appear on slot 235 in the party menu, first move north to Route 6 and open the Start menu. Mash up until it is in the normal range of menu options and choose Pokémon. The player is now on that slot.

After performing the swap, the player must save the game but reset before the menu closes to secure the corrupted stored fossil value (there are no issues for saving anytime when the actual save text appears after the Yes/No box disappears).

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL

Method (Red/Blue Super Glitch)


Based on TheZZAZZGlitch's Super Glitch thread

1) Obtain an LM4 (Special stat 198) with the Trainer escape glitch.

2) Put LM4 in the first position. Have the first three of LM4's moves have 28 characters in total, e.g. BODY SLAM [9 chars], DOUBLESLAP [10 chars], WATER GUN [9 chars]. LM4 has Hypnosis, Water Gun, Doubleslap and Body Slam at level 7 in that order, so you just need to swap Hypnosis to the bottom.

3) Level up LM4 to level 24 with Rare Candies, in the Celadon Mansion safe spot to avoid a potential freeze, then replace its fourth move with Super Glitch.

4) Go to the spot below, open your party Pokémon menu here, don't open it after then go to a battle with LM4 in the first position and keep opening and closing the fight menu until the corruption happens (this depends on luck). Repeatedly viewing LM4's summary from the spot below may also work.

5) Run away. When you open your party Pokémon menu you'll notice you can go past slot 6 if the corruption happened. You actually have 124 (hex:7C) Pokémon now. Pokémon 1 and 2's species byte 1s will turn into Nidoqueen (hex:10), Pokémon 3's becomes Krabby (hex:4E), and Pokémon 4's becomes Missingno. (hex:50) but don't worry, putting them into the Day Care and out again later will bring them back to normal, and you actually 'need' Nidoqueen for the Yellow version of this trick.



Don't use the fossil conversion glitch to remove your LM4 as you still need to fix your name (add a terminator on or before the 11th character) to enable saving.

6) Fly to Cinnabar Island and go to the Pokémon Lab. Deposit a Fossil.

7) Select a Pokémon of your choice (the Attack stat modulo 256 will determine what the fossil becomes e.g. 21=Mew, 252=O (FC)) and switch it with the 33rd Pokémon. Go out of the lab and back in and you'll get a fossil Pokémon from the scientist based on the Attack stat of the Pokémon you swapped with the 33rd Pokémon.

8) Your Fly locations will become corrupted too; the relationship is PP move 4 and level (D18B/C) into D70B/C (Fly locations). You might even get glitch Fly locations that have bad effects, but we can fix that too; with the only catch being that you get all but one Fly location; you lose Fuchsia City. So, select Pokémon 122 (hex:7A). This is three spaces above the top Pokémon. Swap it with the 33rd Pokémon. Your Fly locations will be set to 7F 7F (this is taken from C4EF/F0 in RAM; some data which seems to be always 7F 7F on the party Pokémon menu. 7F 7F is 'good', you get no glitch Fly locations.

Get a reasonable amount of Pokémon

9) Replace LM4's Doubleslap with Mega Kick (via TM05, can be bought from Celadon Department Store) to get a total of 27 (1 less than before) real move letters. This is to put later screen data into earlier addresses.

10) Go to the spot below, open your party Pokémon menu here, don't open it after, then go to a battle with LM4 and keep opening and closing the fight menu until the corruption happens (this depends on luck). Repeatedly viewing LM4's summary may also work.

11) Run away. If the corruption worked, you'll now have 16 Pokémon instead of 124 Pokémon; and 16 is a much more reasonable amount for when we deposit Pokémon later. Additionally, it's now only Pokémon 1 who is Nidoqueen, Pokémon 2 becomes Krabby, Pokémon 3 becomes Missingno. 50h.

Terminate your name (to enable saving)

Don't change your LM4 (should now be a Nidoqueen/LM4 hybrid for being in slot 1)'s moves.

12) Fly to Cerulean City and walk to the spot below:

13) Open the party Pokémon menu here, don't open it after, close it then enter a wild battle and keep opening and closing the fight menu until you get corruption.

14) If the corruption worked, your name will now be blank. You're free to save and restart after talking to a nurse but cancelling out of Heal/Cancel.

Party clean up, fixing the option boxes

15) Fly to any town/city/Cinnabar and go to the Pokémon Center. Talk to the nurse but cancel out of Heal/Cancel. This will fix your option box which became glitched and could cause a freeze/corruption if it opened when you try to save.

16) Deposit Pokémon in the box. Try depositing Cancels until it doesn't work to make sure you have 6 Pokémon or something. Don't deposit Pokémon below Cancel or the game will probably freeze.

YouTube video

YouTube video by ChickasaurusGL