Battle Park (Platinum)

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Town Map name: (Battle Park)

Identifier (HEX) 0142
Identifier (DEC) 322
Default track Fight Area
Tileset Old Battle Park tileset
Size Unknown
Map type Route
Tweaking method? Not found

The Battle Park still exists in the coding of Pokémon Platinum as a leftover map. Like in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl, it has index number hex:0142. The Battle Park is no longer accessible through normal gameplay because it had been replaced with the Battle Frontier which featured more Battle Facilities such as the Battle Arcade and the Battle Factory.

Since a new map was designed for the exterior of the Battle Tower, the older map for the Battle Tower's exterior is no longer accessible within the game without the use of a cheating device. It is notable that unlike the updated map which was eventually released in the final game, this older map does not feature any shadow effects on the Battle Tower building.

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