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Unused maps and placeholder map names within the Pokémon games

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An unused map belonging to Olivine City exists within Pokémon Gold, Silver, and Crystal. It can be accessed with codes for a GameShark.

The codes for accessing it in Pokémon Gold and Silver are:


The codes to access it in Pokémon Crystal are:


There are two NPCs in this map. The first is a Rhydon, whose glitched sprite changes into a Clefairy during walking animations. When A is pressed in front of it, it simply says, "Gugooh!"

When A is pressed in front of the woman in the house, she says: "When my Pokémon got sick, the Pharmacist in Ecruteak made some medicine for me.". It is worth noting that she says that the pharmacy is located in Ecruteak City, when in the final version of the game it was located in Cianwood City. As for the door warp, it still exists. however it was moved to the top left of Olivine city and is otherwise inaccessible.