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Unused maps and placeholder map names within the Pokémon games

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Though Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow have a Safari Zone that can be accessed through normal gameplay, Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal do not.

Despite this, there is an unused Safari Zone in Gold, Silver and Crystal. The area can be accessed via hacking or using a cheating device. There is no documented way to get to it by means of a glitch.

GameShark Codes

Three sets of codes are listed here. One is a Game Genie code that restores the door of the Safari Zone's gate in Fuchsia City. The other two are GameShark codes: one changes the behavior of any warp tile to that of a hole tile while the other is the "walk through walls" code. These GameShark codes can be used instead of the Game Genie code. Furthermore, the code to change the tile behavior is required to trigger the unused warps inside the Safari Zone.

The Game Genie code to unlock access to the gate in all language versions of Gold, Silver, and Crystal:


The GameShark code to change the behavior of warp tiles is:

English & non-English European Gold and Silver
Japanese Gold and Silver
Korean Gold and Silver
English & non-English European Crystal
Japanese Crystal

The GameShark codes to "walk through walls" are:

English & non-English European Gold and Silver
Japanese Gold and Silver
Korean Gold and Silver
English & non-English European Crystal
Japanese Crystal

The Safari Zone

The gatehouse.
The gatehouse.
The removed Safari Zone entrance in Fuchsia City.
The removed Safari Zone entrance in Fuchsia City.

Assuming that a player used the gatehouse codes, they should find themselves inside of a typical gate building. This gate bridges Fuchsia City and the Safari Zone. Exiting through the south entrance will return the player to Fuchsia City, where the player will end up lodged in a wall.

If the player exits through the northern entrance, they will find themselves in an incomplete Safari Zone. The entrance is quite glitched, and the water is not surrounded by a coastline or sand, but the area is otherwise complete. The glitched entrance can be walked on, but the player cannot use it to return to the gate. The map's border uses the huge grass tile.

The Safari Zone appears to use the same tileset as the National Park, possessing both tall and huge grass. The map is rather small, and no wild Pokémon appear in the grass, but normal Pokémon can be encountered by using an Old Rod, Good Rod or Super Rod at the pond.

Unused warp

The "entrance" to the Safari Zone is actually still in the game. In Pokémon Gold, Silver, Crystal and other games, doors are powered by "warps" -- invisible objects placed over doors. When a player steps on a warp, they are immediately moved to wherever the warp "pointed" -- and warps can only point to other warps. The doors in the games do nothing; it is the invisible warps placed over them that do the work.

Hackers have discovered that there is still a warp to the Safari Zone in Fuchsia City. The warp is unusable, however, because it was placed over a brick wall, which the player cannot walk onto. This is why, if a player exits the Safari Zone gatehouse using the south entrance, they end up standing on a wall -- that is the warp to and from the Safari Zone.


A player stands on the glitched entrance.

The lake.

West boundary.

Southern boundary.

East boundary.


This is a map of the unused Safari Zone.