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Name: (Unknown)

Identifier (HEX): 0x39
Identifier (DEC): 057
Effect pointer: F718

Pokédex sorting 0x39 is a glitch Pokédex sorting in Pokémon Crystal.


  • Arbitrary code execution at region F718 in Echo RAM (a copy of D718) when opened. Can be ended with only a ret with no known issues.
  • Pressing Select to get to mode selection screen may result in a white screen game freeze.

When accessed with C7D8 method

  • Pressing A may display glitch text
    • Example: "PkMn are listed by ()RRRRDRRRRRRZ( ööööMMöööMTRRRRRRBB z jn tzxPoKéoxypq):XY tuvÜäTMTRAINERROCCE" (z jn tzxPoKéoxypq):XY seems to repeat multiple times). The text doesn't advance for a while, until changing to "PkMnjqlPkMn:Cjqa3:C 9c'. qBgEF?q?q KÖC ぉRPkü" and then "PkMnjqa3: jqa3:C 9:'- qBgE|_ÖqÖ- k'B ぉRPkü", "PkMnj?lPkMn:Cjqa3:C 9W'. qBgE|_Öq?. e'q ぉRPkü", "PkMnjqa3:Cjqa3:C 9Q'- q?gE|_Öq?-?K'B RPkü" before eventually filling the screen with glitch text and freezing the game.