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Name: (Unknown)

Identifier (HEX): 0x9D
Identifier (DEC): 157
Effect pointer: C750

Pokédex sorting 0x9D is a glitch Pokédex sorting in Pokémon Crystal.


  • Arbitrary code execution at region C750 in RAM when opened. Can be ended with only a ret with no other changes to the CPU.
  • Pressing Select to open mode selection screen may successfully load it, with "???;???B???????PQQQ????????????????????? ぉ CLIBa?qLBB 'rö??????D z??????????????" as the description. Pressing A may cause arbitrary code execution at region CF7A in RAM, which can be ended with a ret with no other changes to the CPU. Can exit out to load a Glitch City which may also change the last sorting ID to 0xE6.

When accessed with C7D8 method