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Name: (Unknown)

Identifier (HEX): CF
Identifier (DEC): 207
Effect pointer: 1BB0

Pokédex sorting 0xCF is a glitch Pokédex sorting in Pokémon Gold and Silver.


  • Unknown effect/game does not freeze
  • Pressing Select to get to the mode selection screen may load a black screen, which can be bypassed by pressing A four times. Afterwards, the mode selection screen may load with description "N 9GREEN9GREENGREEN9 9 999999 9♂9 9z99999999 9 9 9ä95H9999". Pressing A may cause a Glitch Dimension to occur. Pokédex mode may change after closing the menu.

When accessed with C6D8 method

  • Simply changing C6D8 to CF may cause multiple evolution sequences to occur, followed by arbitrary code execution at region C380 in RAM. Code execution cannot be ended with only a ret without any issues.