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Name: (Unknown)

Identifier (HEX): D0
Identifier (DEC): 208
Effect pointer: 171C

Pokédex sorting 0xD0 is a glitch Pokédex sorting in Pokémon Gold and Silver.


  • Unknown effect/game does not freeze
  • Pressing Select may load a black screen which can be bypassed with A, followed by the mode selection screen. The description for this listing may appear as "9H W;PoKé Ö9999! !!999 ÖÖ!!9999!!99 Ö!!9999!!999 99!!9999!!ä9A9'9Po9y96PoKé9Po 6 ". Pressing A may cause arbitrary code execution at region C1D5 in RAM, which can be ended with a ret with no known issues.

When accessed with C6D8 method

  • Same effect for pressing A as second bullet point, above