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:óゥ -Ñxゥ,ÑÍ
Front: Back:
Bulbapedia link None
Equivalent glitch Pokémon ♀ ä〈Your Rival's Name〉 ] (Spanish Red/Blue)
Generation II equivalent
Generation II Pokémon needed for Time Capsule exploit
Name bytes 9C D4 EA E3 CA F1 EA F4 CA C9 50
Index number (hex) C4
Index number (dec) 196
Pokédex number
Pokédex marker byte
Pokédex flag (seen)
Pokédex flag (own)
Type(s) Normal/Normal (0x92)
Height 2.3m
Weight 98.9kg
Palette attribute byte
Catch rate constant
Experience group
Experience yield
Sprite dimensions (base data)
Front sprite source pointer
Back sprite source pointer
Front sprite dimensions (actual)
Back sprite dimensions (actual)
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ゥ] ó [óÒÈ4 (C3) :óゥ -Ñxゥ,ÑÍ (C4) 4.È. (C5)

:óゥ -Ñxゥ,ÑÍ is a glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Yellow (Spanish).

Methods to obtain

Research is incomplete at this time

Starting moves

  • Spike Cannon
  • Lovely Kiss
  • Bubble
  • Petal Dance



Pokédex data

Level-up moves

  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 1)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 11)
  • Double Edge (Level 12)
  • Tail Whip (Level 13)
  • Disable (Level 14)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 40)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 55)
  • Mega Punch (Level 76)
  • Glitch Move 0x00 (Level 80)
  • Scratch (Level 191)
  • Wrap (Level 255)

TM/HM moves

Research is incomplete at this time.

Base stats

Research is incomplete at this time

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