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Glitch Pokémon menu sprites exist in the Pokémon games. These are small, animated invalid sprites for Pokémon on the party listing.

In Generation I

Pokémon Red and Blue have six glitch Pokémon menu sprites (starting at 0xA), while Pokémon Yellow has five (starting at 0xB), due to the addition of Pikachu. In these games, menu sprites are stored in one nybble; so there are only 16 possible unique menu sprite IDs.

The menu sprites however are inconsistent between maps, because the ID in VRAM corresponds to (Tile ID/4).[1] These menu sprites typically depict people sprites which vary based on the map, except for 0xE which is based on the border of a Pokémon during a link trade.

The menu sprites combine different halves of sprites, with flipping applied.

A few of the glitch menu sprites can be seen on glitch Pokémon, such as MissingNo. or 3TRAINERPOKé₽ (Yellow) though hacking or a cheating device is currently required to see the rest.

In Generation II

The known Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal glitch menu sprites include glitched sprites not based on existing sprites, unlike Generation I. They can be seen on the ?????, except for Silver's 0x00 glitch Pokémon and Crystal's 0xFC and 0xFE glitch Pokémon.


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