Glitch Rocket HQ maps (0xCC-0xCE) (Red/Blue)

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Town Map name: ROCKET HQ

Identifier (HEX) CC, CD, CE
Identifier (DEC) 204, 205, 206
Default track Unknown
Tileset Unknown
Size Unknown
Map type Freeze glitch map

The Glitch Rocket HQ maps (0xCC-0xCE) are glitch maps in Pokémon Red and Blue. Unlike their Yellow equivalent, these maps are only known to freeze the game upon entering them.

These glitch maps can be accessed with the GameShark code 01xx65D3 which will modify the exit mat location inside certain buildings like Pokémon Centers, where xx is CC, CD or CE.

Alternatively it can be accessed by modifying the quantity of item 36 to 204, 205 or 206.

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