Glitch Rocket HQ maps (0xCC-0xCE) (Yellow)

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Item stack duplication glitch (Generation I)

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Town Map name: ROCKET HQ

Identifier (HEX) CC, CD, CE
Identifier (DEC) 204, 205, 206
Default track Rocket Hideout
Tileset Unknown
Size 244x110 (map CC)
Map type Glitch map

The Glitch Rocket HQ maps are 'glitch areas' in Pokémon Yellow, with a glitchy tileset with Rocket HQ's music and Town Map name with index numbers 204, 205 and 206.

Two other examples of glitch maps are the cycling based glitch maps and Map FE, both in Pokémon Yellow.

A Glitch Rocket HQ map


One can encounter Pokémon or Trainers by walking left and right on the row they are initially sent after enabling walk through walls (possible with glitching), but if the player moves off the row, then it seems as if either encounters are less common or they do not occur at all.

The Safari Zone battle system or a glitch encounter system may be loaded unpredictably and the gym leader music may play for battles.

The mechanics of the encounters on maps CC-CE may not have been fully documented and there is a tendency for the player to encounter the same Pokémon or Trainer.

Catching Mew (with Link Cable)

This is a method of obtaining Mew in the glitch Rocket HQ maps, which requires a Link Cable.

First prepare:

1) The other Trainer must have a Pokémon whose third nickname character is a "]", in slot 3.

2) A Pokémon that knows Dig.

3) An expanded 20+ items pack (via dry underflow)

4) A Pokémon with Super Glitch as the first move in the party, e.g. ゥ ( Z4 is one glitch Pokémon that can learn it at level 35, which is available with the Ditto trick with a Special stat of 229.

5) A Farfetch'd or other Pokémon with ID greater than 61 (hex:3D).

6) The glitch item 9F (hex:5E) is available with the Celadon looping map trick and may be needed to remove Glitch Cities.

7) (Preferably) money.

Then perform the following steps:

1) Enter the Safari Zone, exit, say "No". Then save and reset and you will be asked if you want to play the Safari Zone game. Say "No" again.

2) Do a Cable Club Colosseum battle with the Trainer who has the "]" Pokémon. Do not have them move it from slot 3.

3) Run from the battle, then have the player who escaped from the Safari Zone walk around until they run out of steps.

4) After warping to the Safari Zone, Dig away and enter a Pokémon Center.

5) Perform the (number of Pokémon=Pokémon you withdraw) Super Glitch corruption (described here, for example with Farfetch'd as the Pokémon to withdraw.

6) Use 9F to clear a Glitch City if you get trapped.

7) Go on the exit mat of the Pokémon Center, and select item 32 (it should appear as an Ultra Ball x0) and swap it with item 36. The screen may go black, but the game is still running.

8) With the black screen, toss 50, 51 or 52 of the item, exit with B,B and go down to warp to the glitch Rocket HQ world.

9) In the glitch world, swap Pokémon 62 with 61 (if you withdrew Farfetch'd earlier you will only have to press up three times from the top to get to Pokémon 62).

10) Move left eight steps, and Mew will appear. If you have a Master Ball in the first position you can catch it.


When you arrive in a glitch Rocket HQ map, the default pointer for the left-most column of 4x4 tile blocks is taken from FA09.

Here, FA09 is essentially equivalent to DA09 (enemy Pokémon 3's 7th nickname character).

Taking eight steps west causes an encounter (the game will write to D058; the instant encounter address) based on tile data. If at this point, the left-most column of 4x4 tile blocks is block ID $9F, then you will get an encounter with a Mew because it has a $15 sub-tile in it (the second tile from the top, west-east; i.e. the one next to the "6") and Mew's ID is $15.

When you take eight steps west from the starting point with the default block pointer; the pointer becomes FA05 (essentially equivalent to DA05 here). DA05 is enemy Pokémon 3's third nickname character. DA05 will control the encounter.

The right square bracket (a selectable character for nicknames) has an ID of $9F; hence, when the player links up in the Cable Club with the opponent having a Pokémon 3 with a right square bracket in its name as the third character, DA05 is written as $9F.

Escaping from the Cable Club unexpectedly leaves the data intact, unlike resetting the game.

When you escape from the Cable Club unexpectedly, the reset button remains and you cannot use any items. When you are warped to the Safari Zone gate, using the south exit would take you to a Cable Club room Glitch City. To avoid getting trapped, we enter the Safari Zone and dig away.

Catching Mew (without Link Cable)

As before, the expanded party can be used to swap Pokémon 62 with 61 in the Glitch Rocket HQ map and walk through walls.

With the expanded items pack, the following steps can be performed to catch a Mew without needing a Link Cable.

use the expanded items pack to manipulate D35E, D35F (map block pointer) to point to D326 (in the items pack).

The items we need include:

1) A value of 159 (hex:9F) in D322 (item 3 quantity) controlling an upcoming 4x4 block that will influence the encounter. Quantities other than 159 can give different encounters.

2) Master Balls prepared in item 1 (as there may be automatic item selection) (optional, to catch Mew).

3) An Escape Rope (optional).

We need to place the following items in the following positions:

Item 33: Item(*) x 38

Item 34: TM11 x 176 (alternative quantity: 1)

(*)A value representing a different map location which won't freeze the game (for example you can warp to map CE and used a map CD item; i.e. TM05). Another working example is X Accuracy (hex:2E), which will make you warp to Diglett's Cave after the Mew battle - for that specific example you can Escape Rope away.

Note that you may have to disable the international 'dokokashira door glitch' before you do this by making sure that the FF terminator is not at the top of the party/making sure you have an FF terminator in position 2 or later - I had Venonat appear instead of Mew when I did not make the swap.

After taking eight steps west from the starting postion, a glitch block with the ID of 9F (or what item 3's quantity was) appears on the screen. The 9F block contains a $15 sub-tile in it (the second tile from the top, west-east; i.e. the one next to the "6"), which is the value for Mew; hence an encounter with Mew is triggered.

The level can depend on the last Pokémon withdrawn (specifically the value of D126), as is the case with any D058 encounter.

To escape from the glitch world, we can alter D366 (item 37 quantity) to 03 to let us use an Escape Rope (however, we have the problem described above of corrupted current map scripts and an unterminated name).


If the player adjusts item 36's quantity in an expanded items pack to 204, 205 or 206 they can step through an exit from a building to access a Glitch Rocket HQ map.

Exploring with walk through walls

If walk through walls is enabled with a cheat or by swapping Pokémon 62 with Pokémon 61, one can explore the world and even encounter Pokémon/Trainers by walking left and right on the row that the player is originally sent to.

If the player used dry underflow glitch, then they can enable over 62 Pokémon if they do the following steps:

1) Get a Pokémon with Super Glitch as the first move. ゥ ( Z4 is one glitch Pokémon that can learn it, which is available with the ( Ditto trick) with a Special stat of 229.

2) Go in front of a PC, open the PC to update screen data for Super Glitch for Super Glitch's corruption effects, and choose to deposit. Continuously view Z4's stats through deposit/stats/cancel. Every time, the player has a chance to end up with 0 Pokémon.

3) When this occurs, choose deposit to underflow the number of Pokémon to 255. The start menu's Pokémon menu will most likely be broken now.

4) To fix the start Pokémon menu to perform the 62 with 61 walk through walls switch, withdraw a Pokémon with an ID greater than 61 (see The Big HEX List) matching the number of Pokémon you want. Q (FF) allows access to 255 Pokémon with a working Pokémon menu, but another good option may be Farfetch'd (dec: 64).

5) Either swap Pokémon 1 with Pokémon 2 to prevent Glitch Cities, or use the 9F (hex:5E) glitch item to fix any Glitch Cities that the player may receive after walking around.

Youtube videos

Entering a glitch Rocket HQ map:

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Catching Mew as an encounter on the map (Link Cable method):

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Catching Mew as an encounter on the map (no Link Cable method):

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