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Reason given: Are there other ways to get this Pokémon to appear without a crash? Why does the method to changing the partner work only with specific starters?

?????????? appearing as a partner Pokémon.

?????????? (hex:0000) is a Normal-type glitch Pokémon in Pokémon Mystery Dungeon: Red Rescue Team and Blue Rescue Team.

It is classed as the Eruption Pokémon, is programmed to walk on ground tiles only, has a large shadow size, and has the ability Overgrow. Its base experience value is 100 and it has a recruit value of -999. Most methods of attempting to get it to appear result in a game freeze. If successfully called into the game, it will appear invisible.

This glitch Pokémon has its own unique dialogue as found in the files. Its default dialogue is the word "Something.." When it has 50% or less its HP, the dialogue changes to "This is getting tough..", or "I can't go on.." for 25% or less of its HP. Upon level up, it will say "I leveled up. I'm happy!".

Currently the only known way to see this glitch Pokémon is to use a cheating device to replace the partner with hex:0000 or an invalid Pokémon during the start of the game, such as MD1GlitchDex/00420, MD1GlitchDex/00421, MD1GlitchDex/00422, or MD1GlitchDex/00423, and with a specific player Pokémon. In this method it appears invisible and does not appear in the dungeon at all, and upon loading the next scene with Caterpie there is a resulting game freeze.


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