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14S (37) (blank) (38) (blank) (39)
Battling with (blank) (38).

(blank) (hex:38) is a glitch Trainer class in Pokémon Red and Blue and one of the artificial Trainer classes.

Game Genie codes 38F-549-C49 and 3EF-539-B31, combined with an encounter will allow the player to face it.

Trainer AI functions

Move modification AI routines

  • $3500 (move choice modification #$DB)
  • $CD13 (move choice modification #$42)

Structure 2 routine

  • $3E40


  • May skip foe's turn to begin with. Later, a text box full of ellipsis may appear after making a turn with glitch music playing.
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Trainer payout data

Trainer payouts are taken by multiplying the base payout and the level of the last Pokemon in the roster.

Base payout: 8891

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