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The Focus Punch glitch is a minor glitch regarding the move Focus Punch when the player selects it in a double battles in the third generation of Pokémon games. The glitch was fixed in the Generation IV games.

When exploited, although the player cancelled their decision to use Focus Punch, the game will display the message that the relevant Pokémon is 'tightening its focus', and another action will be performed instead of performing the attack, including the player switching the Pokémon or using an item.

This glitch occurs because in generation III, Focus Punch's charging turn priority is greater than that of other actions at +8. In later generations the Priority was lowered to -3 to prevent this glitch from occurring.


  1. Access to a double battle.
  2. A Pokémon knowing the move Focus Punch.
  3. Preferably, an item may be used instead of switching the first Pokémon.


  1. Enter a double battle, with a Pokémon knowing Focus Punch as the first Pokémon.
  2. With the first Pokémon, choose to use the move Focus Punch.
  3. On the second Pokémon's turn, press the B button to return to the first Pokémon's turn.
  4. Either switch the first Pokémon or use an item and then choose any action for the second Pokémon.

If the player had chosen to switch the first Pokémon, it will tighten its focus but immediately be switched out after the message is displayed. If the player used an item, the item is usable as normal and the Pokémon would attempt to tighten its focus, but not perform the move, even if another Pokémon did not attack it.