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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Ruby and Sapphire, Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen and Pokémon Emerald

An example of a Pidgey affected by the Pokédex category glitch, its category should actually be the "Tiny Bird" Pokémon.

The Pokédex category glitch is a glitch which only occurs in version 1.0 of Pokémon FireRed and LeafGreen, where only the first word in a Pokémon's category name is displayed. For example, Pidgey is called the "Tiny" Pokémon instead of the "Tiny Bird" Pokémon.

In Pokémon Ruby, Sapphire and Emerald, the glitch does not occur, despite Ruby and Sapphire being earlier releases and featuring category names with more than one word.

Affected Pokémon

  1. Squirtle (Tiny Turtle)
  2. Weedle (Hairy Bug)
  3. Beedrill (Poison Bee)
  4. Pidgey (Tiny Bird)
  5. Spearow (Tiny Bird)
  6. Nidoran♀ (Poison Pin)
  7. Nidorina (Poison Pin)
  8. Nidoran♂ (Poison Pin)
  9. Nidorino (Poison Pin)
  10. Venomoth (Poison Moth)
  11. Meowth (Scratch Cat)
  12. Persian (Classy Cat)
  13. Mankey (Pig Monkey)
  14. Primeape (Pig Monkey)
  15. Ponyta (Fire Horse)
  16. Rapidash (Fire Horse)
  17. Slowbro (Hermit Crab)
  18. Farfetch'd (Wild Duck)
  19. Doduo (Twin Bird)
  20. Dodrio (Triple Bird)
  21. Seel (Sea Lion)
  22. Dewgong (Sea Lion)
  23. Onix (Rock Snake)
  24. Krabby (River Crab)
  25. Marowak (Bone Keeper)
  26. Koffing (Poison Gas)
  27. Weezing (Poison Gas)
  28. Staryu (Star Shape)
  29. Jynx (Human Shape)
  30. Pinsir (Stag Beetle)
  31. Tauros (Wild Bull)
  32. Vaporeon (Bubble Jet)
  33. Mew (New Species)
  34. Cyndaquil (Fire Mouse)
  35. Totodile (Big Jaw)
  36. Croconaw (Big Jaw)
  37. Feraligatr (Big Jaw)
  38. Furret (Long Body)
  39. Ledyba (Five Star)
  40. Ledian (Five Star)
  41. Spinarak (String Spit)
  42. Ariados (Long Leg)
  43. Pichu (Tiny Mouse)
  44. Cleffa (Star Shape)
  45. Togepi (Spike Ball)
  46. Natu (Tiny Bird)
  47. Marill (Aqua Mouse)
  48. Azumarill (Aqua Rabbit)
  49. Aipom (Long Tail)
  50. Yamna (Clear Wing)
  51. Wooper (Water Fish)
  52. Quagsire (Water Fish)
  53. Girafarig (Long Neck)
  54. Dunsparce (Land Snake)
  55. Steelix (Iron Snake)
  56. Heracross (Single Horn)
  57. Sneasel (Sharp Claw)
  58. Teddiursa (Little Bear)
  59. Skarmory (Armor Bird)
  60. Phanpy (Long Nose)
  61. Stantler (Big Horn)
  62. Magby (Live Coal)
  63. Miltank (Milk Cow)
  64. Larvitar (Rock Skin)
  65. Pupitar (Hard Shell)
  66. Celebi (Time Travel)
  67. Treecko (Wood Gecko)
  68. Grovyle (Wood Gecko)
  69. Combusken (Young Fowl)
  70. Mudkip (Mud Fish)
  71. Marshtomp (Mud Fish)
  72. Swampert (Mud Fish)
  73. Dustox (Poison Moth)
  74. Lotad (Water Weed)
  75. Pelipper (Water Bird)
  76. Surskit (Pond Skater)
  77. Vigoroth (Wild Monkey)
  78. Loudred (Big Voice)
  79. Exploud (Loud Noise)
  80. Hariyama (Arm Thrust)
  81. Azurill (Polka Dot)
  82. Aron (Iron Armor)
  83. Lairon (Iron Armor)
  84. Aggron (Iron Armor)
  85. Swalot (Poison Bag)
  86. Wailmer (Ball Whale)
  87. Wailord (Float Whale)
  88. Spinda (Spot Panda)
  89. Trapinch (Ant Pit)
  90. Swablu (Cotton Bird)
  91. Zangoose (Cat Ferret)
  92. Seviper (Fang Snake)
  93. Baltoy (Clay Doll)
  94. Claydol (Clay Doll)
  95. Lileep (Sea Lily)
  96. Anorith (Old Shrimp)
  97. Kecleon (Color Swap)
  98. Chimecho (Wind Chime)
  99. Snorunt (Snow Hat)
  100. Sealeo (Ball Roll)
  101. Walrein (Ice Break)
  102. Huntail (Deep Sea)
  103. Gorebyss (South Sea)
  104. Bagon (Rock Head)
  105. Beldum (Iron Ball)
  106. Metang (Iron Claw)
  107. Metagross (Iron Leg)
  108. Regirock (Rock Peak)
  109. Kyogre (Sea Basin)
  110. Rayquaza (Sky High)

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