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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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The "Amazing Man" is a non-playable character in the first generation of Pokémon games that jumps to places that normally he would not be able to reach. There are multiple variations recorded.

This glitch only works in some language versions of Red and Blue. It does not work in any version of Yellow or the Spanish versions (and possibly others) of Red or Blue.

Celadon City's Amazing Man

  1. Fly to Celadon City and, if you have gotten one, deposit your Bicycle into the PC. Walk west toward Cycling Road.
  2. When you go inside the building, walk straight across towards the alternate exit.
  3. When the guard talks to you, forcing you to walk up to him, look behind him to see this:

Cinnabar Island's Amazing Man

  1. Fly to Cinnabar Island. Make sure you have not unlocked the door to the gym, nor the key from the Pokémon Mansion.
  2. Surf a bit in the eastern beach, and get out directly below the gym.
  3. Continue walking to the left until a message appears reading "The door is locked...". Look on the roof to find this:

His location will change depending on how far away you are from the gym when you exit the water. If you land directly in front of the gym, he will appear where he is in the picture. If you land one space below the gym, walk along the coast up to the gym, and then turn left so you are in front of the door, he will appear one space lower than the picture. Land 2 spaces away from the gym, walk along the coast, and then when you reach the gym walk in front of the door, and he will be two spaces lower from the picture. Thus, being three spaces away from the base of the gym and walking along the coast to the front of the door, you will be 3 spaces lower than the picture.

The Amazing Man of Cinnabar can also appear directly below the player if the player goes to the front of the Cinnabar Gym after exiting the Pokémon Lab in Cinnabar. The steps to activate the glitch follows:

  1. Exit Pokémon Lab.
  2. Walk right until you cannot go right anymore without surfing.
  3. Walk up until you're stopped by the gym.
  4. Walk left one space (you should now be in front of the gym). The glitch should activate; this will appear:

Cerulean City's Amazing Men

Nugget Bridge Amazing Man

  1. Go to Cerulean City and walk north towards the Nugget Bridge.
  2. Make sure that the first trainer is one space above the screen. (He is not visible, but if you walk one space north he will appear.)
  3. Walk north and press start at the same time to see:

If this glitch is performed while surfing, he may appear in the grass

Unknown Dungeon Amazing Man

Note: This can only be done before you beat the Elite 4.

  1. Go to the entrance to the Unknown Dungeon.
  2. Walk to the left of the man standing in front of it until he disappears.
  3. Step towards him while pressing START to have the same effect as the one shown above this!

Amazing Bike Seller

  1. Enter the Bike Shop in Cerulean City
  2. Step left once
  3. Step up, and while walking, press A to interact with the bike

The Bike seller should be floating into the void on the left side of the screen

Route 6 Amazing Man

  1. Go to the northern exit of Vermilion City, towards Route 6.
  2. Stand next to the roofs, walk up once and whilst walking, press and hold START.

Route 15 Amazing Man

  1. Go to the upper part of Route 15 (it is blocked by a cuttable bush, cut it down and walk to where it was)
  2. Walk four steps left, the biker who was in the upper right corner shoumd be offscreen
  3. Step right and immediately press START.

Cycling Road Amazing Man

  1. Go to the upper part of Cycling Road, just before the slope begins. Press and hold A to stay in place, and cycle right until you hit a wall.
  2. Walk up, and immediately press START.
  3. You should see a Biker on the top left corner of the screen until you close the menu

Pewter City Amazing Man

If one performed the Skip Pewter Gym glitch, one can walk east until the Youngster disappears from your screen. Then one should walk one step left, the immediately hit START ; the Youngster will be standing on a rock until the menu is closed.

Pallet Town Amazing Man

If one surfs on the channel south of Pallet Town, then upon passing the "barriers", hits and holds START to pop up the menu, the big guy will be on the top left corner of the screen

Victory Road's Amazing Boulder

Setting up an instant encounter script on Victory Road 1F (south entrance) can open the Start menu as soon as Red enters the floor, and bring up a boulder on the top-left corner of the screen.


This glitch happens when a NPC becomes visible for the first time since the player has entered the map. It happens either naturally when a text box pops out on the same step (Celadon City and Cinnabar Island Amazing Men) or can be humanly provoked by popping the start menu on that step; in that case it only works if at that precise time you enter a new map.

The Amazing Bike Seller is considered a special case of the first case, because for some reason the bike uses the "hidden objects" code path, which takes precedence over updating sprites. Reading signs or talking to NPCs won't work this way.

In both cases, the NPC appears at the top left corner of the screen, at the time the player enters the map. That means that, for example, if the player has moved three steps left and one step up since entering the map, the NPC will appear three steps right and one step down from the top left corner (this is the case for the Celadon City Amazing Man).

Every 16 steps "wrap around"; for example, after exiting the Pokémon Lab, the player is considered to have entered the map at the position of the Pokémon Lab door. From there to the tile in front of the Cinnabar gym door, the net displacement of the player is 12 steps right and 5 steps up. Therefore the Amazing Man appears 4 steps right, 5 steps down from the top left corner.

In particular, in the "artificial" case, the NPC always appear at the top left corner of the screen, because it only works on the same step the player enters the map. A similar case may happen when performing the Ditto Glitch, when the Start menu pops up upon entering a new map.

This glitch was partially patched in European releases of Red and Blue, where NPCs have a correct position, but keep looking down while the text box is up.

This glitch was fully patched in all localizations of Pokémon Yellow.