Move 0x00 corruption (Generation I)

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Viewing '-' on the Fight screen.

For the glitch move in Pokémon Red and Blue, please see AttackDex/RB:000.

For the glitch move in Pokémon Yellow, please see AttackDex/Y:000.

Move 0x00 corruption, also known as CoolTrainer♀ glitch refers to the corruptions in Pokémon Red, Blue, and Yellow caused by a buffer overflow in the random internal names of glitch move "-" (which are of variable length).

The applications of this were documented and popularised by TheZZAZZGlitch (along with the discovery of how Super Glitch works). Move 0x00 corruption has also become a notable exploit in the history of various Pokémon glitched speedruns, such as 'catch 'em all'.


Screen tiles affecting Pokémon, DV/EV, level yields by Dabomstew.

An effect similar to Super Glitch may be triggered with '-' when it is the first move by opening the fight menu or trying to move the cursor. After the effect occurs, the type of '-' may change from CoolTrainer♀ to another type.

Unlike other unterminated name/Super Glitch moves, only one buffer overflow occurs with '-' (at memory address $CF4B, but not $D0E1). No corruption is caused by the '-' move when viewing it from a status screen.

Triggering the move 0x00 corruption with '-' requires more luck than other Super Glitch moves, so the player may need to keep 'moving' the cursor or opening and closing the fight menu. After a certain point in the player's game, CoolTrainer♀ induced corruption may stop working, due to hex:50 characters appearing in its internal name too early. There is no known guaranteed way to fix this other than to use a different cartridge.

The most basic effect that can be triggered with the CoolTrainer♀ move is the TMTRAINER effect, by opening the 'PkMn' menu from within battle before viewing it in the 'Fight' menu. Triggering the TMTRAINER effect in Diglett's Cave will let you avoid a freeze immediately after the battle ends. Opening the start menu after the TMTRAINER effect happens and the battle ends may be required to avoid a freeze after exiting the cave.

With the TMTRAINER effect, the enemy Pokémon's species will change into a level 127 Missingno. (hex:32) if sprites are not flipped, and a level 127 Horsea is obtainable by catching the enemy Pokémon if the sprites are flipped. Though the Pokémon's sprite will not change to the new Pokémon until it is captured, its palette may change to that of the new Pokémon.

In the Japanese versions (at least Red/Green), the equivalent Pokémon are Level 127 Missingno. (hex:38) and Level 127 Pikachu.

Advanced Red/Blue usage

In Pokémon Red and Blue, more Pokémon can be obtained with '-' (and also Super Glitch) by viewing the Pokémon menu in specific places where there is a 0x50 sub-tile (often the 'bottom-left corner of a bush' tile) between y coordinates 09-0C (these are BGB coordinates; y starts as 00 at the top of the screen and increases the further down you go) before entering Diglett's Cave and triggering move 0x00 corruption with '-'. Additionally the sub-tile at BGB coordinates y=06, x=01 must be equal to the desired Pokémon.

For an image showing where the bush tiles should be, and further information, please see this Youtube video by TheZZAZZGlitch.

Keep in mind that the start menu is added to the saved screen data, and the west most tiles of the start menu are between x=0A-13, so the 50 tiles replaced with start menu tiles don't count.

Advanced Yellow usage

Despite the fact that 0x00 move corruption no longer works by directly bringing over tiles from outside of battle in this version, it is still possible to get the aforementioned Level 127 MissingNo. or Horsea by flashing the items menu in battle.

Additionally, using the Pokédex glitch item and closing it will print tiles on the screen in battle (but not in the same pattern as outside of battle), which can be used to potentially access CoolTrainers by flashing the items menu from within battle.

Additionally, the glitches LOL glitch and Rival LOL glitch which make use of unterminated name glitch items are alternative glitches to 0x00 move corruption and can be used together to obtain many Pokémon and/or glitch Pokémon.

Effect of using the move

This effect ignores move 0x00 corruption:

In Pokémon Red and Blue and Yellow, '-' acts as a damaging move with Fissure's animation that may freeze the game if it doesn't defeat the opponent.

In Pokémon Red and Blue, the effect of the move (move effect 0x74) executes arbitrary code at F928 (Echo RAM for D928). For more information on how to exploit this, see here.


A Pokémon with '-' as the first move can be traded to Pokémon Gold, Silver and Crystal, where it will become - (Generation II move), because a Pokémon is not deemed 'abnormal' by its moves.

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