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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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Invisible PCs are usable PCs with no graphics associated with them. They appear in Pokémon Red and Blue and were removed in Pokémon Yellow.

All of the invisible PCs are located at the coordinates x=13, y=4 xblock=1, yblock=0. These are the same coordinates for a PC in a regular Pokémon Center.

Celadon Hotel invisible PC

This invisible PC is in the hotel south of Celadon City and is easily accessible.

The player can walk to it normally and it is within the map's boundaries, unlike the other documented invisible PCs.

The player should move directly to the right and two spaces below the plant. If he or she is facing north and presses A he or she will activate the invisible PC.

The player can walk through this invisible PC.

Safari Zone rest house invisible PCs

Safari Zone rest houses 2, 3 and 4 have invisible PCs in the same coordinates as the Celadon Hotel invisible PC, but they are actually out of bounds and can only be accessed through cheating or arbitrary code execution. (Video)

These invisible PCs were documented by Stag019.

Accessing them

The extra invisible PCs can be accessed like this:

1) When entering a door, set the memory address D35E to DF (rest house 2), E0 (rest house 3) or E1 (rest house 4). This can be done with the GameShark code 01xx5ED3 where xx is one of the aforementioned values.

Do not activate the code before entering the door or the game may freeze.

2) Face north and set memory addresses D361-D364 to 04, 0D, 00, 01. This can also be done with the codes 010461D3, 010D62D3, 010063D3, 010164D3.

After pressing A the invisible PC will be turned on.

The above memory addresses are for the coordinates, where D361 is the current y position, D362 is the current x position, D363 is the current y position block and D364 is the current x position block.

Instead of using 01xx5ED3 to warp, you can enter the Safari Zone and enter one of the rest houses below before moving on to step 2, but make sure to get there within the Safari Zone step limit:

This gallery on Bulbapedia is useful for making your way around the Safari Zone.

8F method

The code described below requires the player to go to one of the rest houses shown above, face up, and then use 8F with an appropriate payload.

After using it, the player's coordinates will be altered and all they have to do is press A to use the code. This code will leave the player trapped in the rest house and no exit may be accessible, however, running out of time in the Safari Zone will allow the player to escape.

To be safe, using 8F on the bottom left chair of any of the rest houses will ensure that the player is unable to step on a 'freeze tile'; a tile that loads map 255 that is located at a map boundary.

The player can use 8F in another location within the rest house, but they have to be careful not to cause a freeze. Not walking too far away from where the player used 8F will ensure safety.

This code is for pigdevil2010's or TheZZAZZGlitch's 8F payloads.

As such, the code is spelled out from item 3.

Items list
Position Item Quantity
3 Lemonade ×4
4 Carbos ×211
5 X Accuracy ×97
6 Water Stone ×62
7 Ice Heal ×34
8 Lemonade ×1
9 Soda Pop ×34
10 Fresh Water ×34
Identifiers ASM
3E 04 ld a, 04
26 D3 ld h, D3
2E 61 ld l, 61
22 ldi [hl],a
3E 0D ld a,0D
22 ldi [hl],a
3E 01 ld a,01
3D dec a
22 ldi [hl],a
3C inc a
22 ldi [hl],a
C9 ret