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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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The Surf down glitch is a glitch in Pokémon Red, Blue and Yellow that lets the player Surf down instead of the correct direction, even if there is no water on the tile one tile down. This lets the player get to places that may be impossible to get to.

'Traditional' method

  1. Be one tile away from a tile where you would face a water tile after walking to it.
  2. While walking to it, hold down the start button, then after the start menu pops up, save and reset. If done correctly, you won't be facing down after the save file is reloaded.
  3. Use Surf or the ????? (07) item and you will surf down regardless of the tile below you.

Alternative method

The player can be on a tile where they're facing a water tile, then press start in the middle of 'bumping into' the water. From there, like in the traditional method, after saving and resetting the player will not be facing down and using Surf or the ????? (07) item will cause the player to surf down.

Example uses

  • Going back to Agatha from Lance.
  • Reboarding the S.S. Anne.
  • Entering 'Bill's Secret Garden' (tiles right of Bill's house behind the fence, alternative method only).

Going back to Agatha from Lance

This trick does not work in Pokémon Yellow. It makes use of the fact that the bottom section of statues work like water tiles in Pokémon Red and Blue.

Perform the Surf down glitch here:

Then surf down on the bottom of the statue the player is surfing on and land under it.

To enter Lance's room again (it is blocked by doors), simply re-enter Agatha's room and exit it.

Reboarding the S.S. Anne

This is a trick to reboard the S.S. Anne. It is not the only method to reboard the S.S. Anne after it has left, glitches that allow warping can be used.

Perform the Surf down glitch here:

Entering Bill's Secret Garden

This trick is named after Bill's Secret Garden; a place where Pokégods were thought to be.

Perform the alternative method of the Surf down glitch one tile below a water tile from south of the bridge in Bill's house. Go into the water below, then surf right, up and left to enter 'Bill's Secret Garden'.

Note that the player won't be able to return to the route without using Fly or Teleport. The player can Surf down or right to go out of the map boundary, but since Route 25 has no map connection in either of those directions, the game will just freeze due to the freeze tiles.

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