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Please note that this glitch only exists in the Japanese versions of the game, or is otherwise a glitch
from a Pokémon game which was only released in Japan.
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A trainer walking up to Ace Trainer Deanna and activating the Ace Trainer battle loop.

The Ace Trainer battle loop is a miscellaneous glitch which only exists in the Japanese version of Pokémon Platinum.

When performed, the player will be forced into repeatedly battling an Ace Trainer "Deanna" in Route 225. When the player battles this trainer again, the game will act as if the player has used the VS Seeker, therefore the levels of this trainer's Pokémon will increase after each battle, until eventually maxing out at certain levels. The player is eventually forced to lose to the trainer. He or she cannot escape by normal means because when defeated, the "!" mark will appear again over Deanna's head meaning that the player cannot move away or exit via a move such as Fly or Teleport.


  1. The player must have beaten the Elite Four, so that he or she can access the Battle Zone.
  2. The player must not have already defeated the Ace Trainer "Deanna" in Route 225.


  1. One should head to Route 225, north of the Fight Area.
  2. The player should continue north, until reaching an area with stairs leading down to enterable grass and trees (this is on the north-east section of the mountain).
  3. The player should walk west, surrounding his or herself with trees in the west and south directions.
  4. The player should walk one or two steps up, triggering the battle with the Ace Trainer and making her walk up to the player.
  5. If the player defeats this trainer, the "!" exclamation will appear again and she will be battled continuously until the player loses, or until the game is turned off.

Video demonstration

YouTube video by pokemonplatinumbug

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