Bell Tower and Whirl Islands after tweaking

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In Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, if the player skips certain events associated with Lugia and Ho-Oh via tweaking, the behavior of the game upon entering the final rooms of the Bell Tower or the Whirl Islands can be altered.

Whirl Islands after skipping Ho-Oh in HeartGold

YouTube video by Werster

In Pokémon HeartGold, if the player obtains the Silver Wing, then goes back to do the battles with the Kimono Girls, and then enters the final room of the Whirl Islands without first encountering Ho-Oh, the cutscene intended to play before encountering Ho-Oh will play. Due to the 3D structure of the room, the cutscene becomes heavily distorted, culminating in a soft-lock during which Lugia's pre-encounter theme plays after the theme for Ho-Oh's arrival event.

If the player has the Silver Wing but has not fought the Kimono Girls, this glitch will not occur, even if Ho-Oh was skipped. If both conditions were met, it can be avoided by going to the Bell Tower first.

Bell Tower after skipping Ho-Oh in HeartGold

YouTube video by Werster

In Pokémon HeartGold, if the player enters the Hall of Fame before triggering the Ho-Oh event, Ho-Oh will already be at the top of the tower, as entering the Hall of Fame causes its overworld sprite to re-spawn if it was defeated or fled from instead of caught. If they then trigger the required events involving the Kimono Girls and Clear Bell, the Ho-Oh appearance cutscene will play upon their entry to the roof, in spite of Ho-Oh already being present. This allows the player to undergo the Ho-Oh battle twice in a row without even having to reenter the area, each treated as if it were the first encounter according to the dialogue that follows.

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