Mute Sendoff Spring glitch

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There must be a path on Route 214 that leads to Spring Path where trees used to be to pull off this glitch.

The mute Sendoff Spring glitch or Sendoff Spring to Silent Spring glitch is a minor glitch in Pokémon Diamond and Pearl that causes Sendoff Spring to become silent. It is similar to the mute Route 214 glitch.

It was fixed in Pokémon Platinum, where Route 214's theme plays in Spring Path and Sendoff Spring, instead of the eerie music heard in Old Chateau.


  1. You need to have beaten the Elite Four to access Spring Path and Sendoff Spring.


  1. Go to Veilstone City then go south into Route 214.
  2. Ride the Bicycle, then go down and right into Spring Path.
  3. Go into the entrance to Sendoff Spring.
  4. Dismount the Bicycle then go back on it.

The music for Sendoff Spring will be muted until you encounter a wild Pokémon and end the battle, causing the the Bicycle music to play and the Sendoff Spring music to return when you dismount. Alternatively, you can just go back to Spring Path or Fly away.

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