Floating walking Pokémon glitch (poison variation)

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A Dunsparce floating above the ground after the floating walking Pokémon glitch
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The poison variation of the floating walking Pokémon glitch is a glitch in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, where a walking Pokémon will temporarily 'float' above the ground.

Unlike the menu variation; the player is actually able to walk around with it, though only one shift can occur, so the player cannot change how high the walking Pokémon floats.

It can be fixed by:

  • Using the field move Surf, Fly, or Teleport.
  • Having the Pokémon jump over a ledge without repeating the glitch.
  • Going on the Bicycle and back off of it.
  • Entering a building.
  • Having the Pokémon faint.


1. A poisoned Pokémon that has to be out of its Pokéball as a walking Pokémon.
- The player must not be on a Bicycle, but they can be on it before step 2 (see below) and go off it afterwards.
- If there are no wild Pokémon that can poison the player, they can make the walking Pokémon hold a Toxic Orb and have the battle last at least one turn without the enemy fainting. Poison type and Steel type Pokémon are not affected by the Toxic Orb though.
- A low max HP for the poisoned Pokémon is recommended if a ledge is nearby.
2. Access to a ledge, preferably one that is nearby.


  1. Walk around until the poisoned Pokémon has 2 HP, and be within two steps walking distance to the ledge.
  2. On the step that the poisoned Pokémon gets 2 HP, do not heal the poison, walk two extra steps, then jump off the ledge for the third step.
  3. Take any step so that the Pokémon jumps off the ledge. Do not go on the Bicycle, as this will put the walking Pokémon back in its Pokéball and it will be behind you after you take another step, without jumping off the ledge.
  4. Switching Pokémon and then closing the menu.

While the walking Pokémon is in the process of jumping off of the ledge, the "(Pokémon) survived the poisoning." message will appear, but the walking Pokémon will not return to the ground as it normally would.


When the Pokémon is floating, the player can pull off the menu variation of the floating walking Pokémon glitch by opening the Pokédex, Trainer Card, Pokémon screen, Bag, Options or Pokégear.

Video demonstration

YouTube video by GlitchyGarchomp

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