Giratina Origin Forme glitch

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PRAMA Initiative a également une page sur Giratina Origin Forme glitch.
A negative stat change caused by giving Altered Giratina with Origin Giratina's stats a Rare Candy.

Giratina Origin Forme glitch, also known as Giratina Forme change stat glitch is a natural glitch in Pokémon Platinum. It was documented on the French Pokémon glitch website PRAMA Initiative.

The glitch involves Giratina's stats not changing after either giving it the Griseous Orb or taking it away from it.


Usually when you give Giratina the Griseous Orb (transforming it into Origin Giratina) its stats will change based on its improved Attack and Special Attack base stats and lowered Defense and Special Defense. Taking away the Griseous Orb (transforming Giratina into Altered Giratina) is also intended to work inversely.

However, giving or taking away the Griseous Orb from Giratina in the party from the Move Pokémon menu from a PC will only change its Forme, but not adjust its stats.

This can be exploited to give Altered Giratina with Origin Giratina's stats an item other than the Griseous Orb such as the Life Orb, and if a Rare Candy is used on that Giratina it is possible to see a negative stat increase on the stat changes menu. If the Giratina is put into the PC its stats will return to what they should be.

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  • Discovered by ChickasaurusGL

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