Floating walking Pokémon glitch (menu variation)

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A Chikorita after several shifts.

The menu variation of the floating walking Pokémon glitch, also known as the walking Pokémon stats glitch is a glitch in Pokémon HeartGold and SoulSilver, where a walking Pokémon will temporarily 'float' above the ground.


Unlike the poison variation, the Pokémon no longer floats when the menu is closed or the player saves, resets the game and continues, but after pulling off the glitch, opening and closing a menu from the 'X' menu will cause the Pokémon to float up again each time the menu is closed.

This way, it is possible to temporarily make the walking Pokémon go off the screen. Its shadow stays the same regardless of how many 'shifts' were done (as if the walking Pokémon was on the floor).

Method 1

  1. Open the 'X' menu when the walking Pokémon is in the middle of the air. This may be tricky to do, and can take several tries.
  2. Look at either the Pokédex, Trainer Card, Pokémon, Bag, Options or Pokégear menu and close it.
  3. Nothing will happen at first, but repeat step 2 to cause a shift. Doing step 2 for a third time will cause a second shift, doing it a fourth time will cause a third shift, and so on. This can be repeated until the Pokémon goes off the screen.
  4. After closing the 'X' menu, the walking Pokémon will return to the ground.

Method 2

Perform the poison variation of the floating walking Pokémon glitch, then do steps 2 and 3 of method 1.

As the poison variation involves the Pokémon still floating when the X menu is closed, it will not return to the ground, but it is still not possible to walk around with additional shifts.

If the player switches Pokémon it will return to the ground when the X menu is closed though.

Video demonstration

YouTube video by GlitchyGarchomp

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