Pokémon League descent glitch maps 0xED-0xEE, 0xF1-0xF4 (Yellow)

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Miscellaneous glitches of Pokémon Red and Blue and Pokémon Yellow

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A Pokémon League descent glitch map after 'flying' there. Notice how the background has been changed to blue and how Red is in black and white.
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The Pokémon League descent glitch maps, also known as cycling based glitch maps are a group of descent glitch maps in English Pokémon Yellow which share the same Town Map name and location (Pokémon League). These maps occupy hexadecimal identifiers of either ED (237), EE (238), F1 (240), F2 (241) F3 (242) or F4 (243) and cause the cycling music to play (hence their name) and the palette to change.

Pokémon League descent glitch maps have only been reported in English Pokémon Yellow. The equivalent glitch maps for Pokémon Red and Blue simply crash the game.

Effects associated with Pokémon League descent glitch maps can also be seen after going to a number of other glitch maps, such as Map 0xE7 Glitch Hell (Japanese Yellow), Map 0x0B (French Yellow) and out of bounds Glitch Hell in Pokémon Yellow (Japanese) (v1.0) in Game Boy or Game Boy Color mode (but out of bounds Glitch Hell has only been confirmed on an emulator).

Effects in English Yellow

When accessed, the map will turn white and light blue, sometimes with blue bars and the player's sprite will be changed. It may become either a black and white version of Red, or a black and white female Trainer.

The player cannot see his or her location on the Town Map because the player is made to keep spinning clockwise and/or keep moving in a particular direction. When the music for the cycling theme is about to loop the game will freeze for unknown reasons, presuming that the player does not use an cheating device to stop his or herself from spinning.

When a cycling based glitch map is entered the game will act as if the player had used Fly, so he or she will arrive from the air.

Procedure (via GameShark)

  1. Enter the GameShark code 01XX5DD3 for when XX is either ED, EE, F1, F2, F3 or F4. When the game boots up, keep the code off.
  2. Enter a door and activate the code. The player will appear in the chosen glitch map and may be spinning in the direction he or she came from. Note that a certain Pokémon cry may play when the player arrives, depending on which value the player used.

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